Mortgage Information

At Alloway Realtors, we recognize that mortgage lending is a dynamic industry. Many factors will weigh on your eligibility to get a mortgage and what rate and fees including, but not limited to the type of program you choose, type of property your purchase, your credit score, the number of years to repay the loan and finally your down payment amount.

Our trusted and recommended mortgage banker is Greg Horneff with Freedom Mortgage. Gregory Horneff serves as a Mortgage Banker at the Freedom Mortgage Marlton Branch. Greg is responsible for assisting clients with obtaining financing when purchasing a home. His 16 years’ experience allows him to guide our clients step by step through the entire loan process to assure a smooth closing. Located in Marlton, he and his team at Freedom Mortgage have practical knowledge of regional lending practices, comprehensive knowledge of the programs available to best suit your unique situation and extensive experience with local regulations which has made Greg and his team our trusted lender.

While you have the distinct right to use the mortgage company that your prefer, we genuinely recommend Freedom Mortgage to handle your closing.

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