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Alloway Associates has clearly been acknowledged to be one of the accomplished forerunners in the Real Estate industry. We have been serving Burlington and surrounding counties for over 50 years and have always strived to remain a family of professionals dedicated to serving the needs of its many clients. Its success has been a culmination of hard work, dedication and resourcefulness – always working to bring our transactions to a positive conclusion. Notwithstanding our accomplishments, it couldn’t be done without the support of our vendor team. A Real Estate deal, by its very nature, is complicated and requires extraordinary coordination and communication. Successful transactions occur only when each member of our team performs its role professionally and capably.

To that end, Alloway Associates is exceedingly proud to be associated with Surety Title Company having 17 branches and affiliate offices throughout New Jersey. Surety opened its doors 25 years ago and has developed a reputation as one of the premier settlements service providers in the State.

Title insurance and the ultimate closing procedure are exceedingly important parts of acquiring title to your property. You certainly don’t want problems from prior ownerships to interfere with your rights to the real estate. And you don’t want to pay potentially ruinous costs of defending your rights in court.
Surety Title works diligently to cure and eliminate any complication or title defect that may exist by doing a thorough search of the public records . A formal policy of title insurance is subsequently issued to you insuring that the rights to your investment remain intact for as long as you or your heirs retain ownership. While you have the distinct right to use the title company that you prefer, we heartily recommend Surety Title Company to handle your closing.

Surety is a locally and independently owned company, that is part of your community. They understand the needs of our customers. As our partner, they will guide you through every step of the transaction with transparency and professionalism.

Surety leverages a lifetime of experience and the many things they have learned having closed over 100,000 transactions on our area to make the complex appear simple and get the job done right.

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